Our History

Our History

Pets To Go opened its doors in Sacramento in 1986. The store has grown over the years, and in 1996 moved a few miles down the road to Elk Grove, California.

ptg-ownersPets To Go has been owned and operated by Jeremy and Angel since February of 1998. Our store caters to animal lovers of all types. We sell supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles. We also sell guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, birds, and reptiles. Pets To Go provides the only self-service dog wash facilities in Elk Grove. Pets To Go is also the home of our other business, Upscale Reptiles.

Upscale Reptiles is our company that is responsible for promoting the Sacramento Reptile Show. If you are interested in the world of reptiles the Sacramento Reptile Show is an amazing way to become part of the reptile community.

When you enter the doors of Pets To Go, you will most likely be greeted by one of our furry companions walking around the store. Angus and JJ, our West store’s resident felines, would love for you to offer them a treat. Captain Jack and Sparrow, our East store’s resident felines, would appreciate having their head scratched. Do not be surprised if the animals follow you around the store, they know pet lovers when they see them.

Pets To Go prides itself on being a store that believes in the education of our clients. If you purchase a new pet from us, we make sure that by the time you leave our store, you are ready to care for that new pet. Our staff thrives on providing excellent customer service in an effort to make your visit one to remember. We offer numerous customer reward options as a thank you for shopping with us.

Our web site is designed to help you learn more about the services and products we offer. Please feel free to follow the links to learn more about our self-service-dog wash facility or the numerous dog food choices available.

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