Dog Food

Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food.

Elk Grove’s Pets To Go is proud to offer a diverse selection of top quality dog foods. All dog food sold at Pets To Go is free of by-products, corn, wheat and soy.

Many dog foods on the market contain by-product based meats (beaks, feet, etc) and low quality grains such as corn and wheat. While some dogs may tolerate foods with less than stellar ingredients, many dogs have allergies to these low-end ingredients. If your pup licks his feet or belly, or his coat is dull and flaky, then you might consider trying a new dog food. Many customers find that after 30 days on one of our dog foods, that many of the allergy symptoms disappear.

Nutrition is as important to the long-term health of your dog as it is to you. Stop in and we will help to educate on what makes the dog foods we offer the best dog food in Elk Grove.

Brands We Carry (May vary per location)

100% Guarantee

Pets To Go guarantees all dog food sold in our store. If you decide to purchase dog food from Pets To Go, it is 100% guaranteed. Bring the food back within 7 days and we will refund the purchase price or offer credit toward another dog food in the store.

If the dog food you currently use is not on the list, please contact Pets To Go and we will gladly order your pet’s food for you. Also know, that Pets To Go will gladly price match all dog food.