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We’re proud to offer a diverse selection of top quality pet food.

Know What’s in Your Pet’s Food

Let us help you make the right choice for your pet.

Reptile Food

We have many of our own hungry reptiles to feed, so we know how important it is to offer a diverse selection of foods for your reptiles.

We also stock mice of all sizes (pinkies to adults) and rats ranging from small adult to jumbo size. Feeder rodents are available either live or frozen.

For lizards, frogs and tarantulas, Pets To Go offers multiple sizes of crickets, Dubia roaches, Horn worms, king mealworms, wax worms and refrigerated mealworms.

For those of you that like to save money on your feeders, Pets To Go has discount cards that will save you on your rodent and bug purchases.  Our Mouse Club, Rat Club, Cricket Club and Worm Club are prepaid cards that help cut the cost of feeding your reptile. When you purchase your club card, you are prepaying for feeders at a discounted price (almost 50% off).

Mouse Club
For those of you with hungry snakes, Pets To Go offers a prepaid discount card. The mouse card is 25 mice (any size) for $40.00. You save up to $1.00 per mouse over the regular price. We punch your card for the quantity you take home, and then you take the card with you until your next visit.
Rat Club
For those of you with BIG, hungry snakes, Pets To Go offers the rat club. The rat club is a $40 cost, and is punched according to the size rat purchased. The bottom line is: you save money while feeding your reptiles.

The Hungry Lizard Club
Pets To Go’s crickets are already the healthiest in town. The prepaid Cricket Card is $30.00 and rewards you with 220 free crickets. Simply take the crickets you need and we will punch them off your card.

Worm Club
We offer king mealworms, giant mealworms and wax worms. The usual price is $.10/each, which gives you 10 worms for $1.00. The Mealworm club is a $30.00 prepaid card that gives you worms at 12/$1 and $5.00 in free mealworms.
Bird Food

Pets To Go is proud to offer only the best bird diets.

We offer multiple lines of food including pelleted diets from Roudy Bush and Zupreme (fruit and natural), and stock seed based foods in bulk or packaged varieties. Bird food is available for all bird types ranging from large parrots to parakeets.

Pets To Go also offers wild birdseed to keep the outside flock satisfied. Finch mixes and other wild bird varieties are offered.

Small Animal Food

We offer multiple lines of rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster and rat foods including Oxbow, Kaylor Made and Kaytee. Pets To Go also stocks 4 different varieties of hay including Western Timothy, Orchard Grass, Botanical (with flowers) and Alfalfa. Foods are available either packaged or in bulk.

Don’t snooze on your chance to save!

We offer FREE delivery to the Elk Grove area with a minimum purchase of $40. Please call the store nearest you.

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