photo-162We’ve had a lot of inquiries on rats because of the newest ones that have recently been born at Pets To Go– so we just had to make Rats the topic for August’s Pets To Go Kids Club meet up!

The kids and parents alike were surprised to see the teeny tiny rats they had held in the palms of their hands at July’s Kids Club meet up are now more than double their size!  As Angel lead us through everything there is to know about rats, the kids had a blast playing with the rats as they learned all about these family friendly pets.

Part of the fun of each PTG Kids Club has been the questions we  receive not only from the kids, but their parents too– it really does make these meet ups both fun and educational for anyone looking for their next pet.  Afterward the kids gathered outside for the fun arts and crafts project: to make their own stuffed rat to take home!  The creativity in assembling these projects is so fun to see– we saw some really cute stuffed rats going home with our happy Kids Club friends.

Who knew learning could be so much fun?  A big thank you again to all of the kids and their parents for continuing to make the Pets To Go Kids Club a success!  We’re looking forward to our next month’s meet up (we have something extra special planned!) and hope you will be able to join us! 

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