design-19*Special note: due to the Independence Day holiday, our July Pets To Go Kids Club will meet on Saturday, 7/12!*

One thing we’ve observed in every PTG Kids Club meet up is how much kids LOVE to care for the animals! We’ll even hear how when they grow up they want to be a veterinarian to be able to take care of animals!

For the month of July, we’ve invited our friend, Dr. Purewal from Laguna Creek Veterinary Hospital, to teach us about his job as a veterinarian: what he does on an every day basis, the types of animals he cares for, the education he had to complete as well as the fun stuff: like what is his favorite part of the job. With the help of our PTG mascots (he’ll be joined by Rudy, Gigi, Angus and JJ!) he’ll show us how he gives dogs, cats and small animal pets a routine check up and will answer all of your questions on how to best care for your pet! Did you know Dr. Purewal is one of the only vets in Elk Grove who cares for reptiles? Lucky us, he’ll be able to share how he cares for reptile pets too!

If you would kindly RSVP to give us a head’s up on how many kids to expect, it’s helpful, but not necessary– come one, come all!

*The PTG Kids Club meets every first Saturday of the month at the Pets To Go store on Laguna Main with topics ranging from dogs and cats to lizards and bettas! Best of all: it’s FREE!*