photo-122What a great turnout for our second Pets To Go Kids Club meet up!

Parents with coffee in hand and little ones with an eagerness to learn and play with rabbits was such a fun way to start a Saturday morning!  Angel talked the kids through everything there is to know about rabbits: what they eat, how they play, where they fall in the animal world– including why it’s not a good idea to lift a rabbit by it’s hind legs, because it makes it feel like it’s prey!

After some holding and petting of the rabbits, the kids were ready for craft fun!  It was fun to see the different expressions drawn on each rabbit as well as the pride each little one took in accessorizing their rabbits– bows were a hit!

Who knew learning could be so much fun?  A big thank you again to all of the kids and their parents for continuing to make the Pets To Go Kids Club a success!  We’re looking forward to our next month’s topic of Tortoises and hope you will be able to join us!  Special note for July: due to the Fourth of July holiday, the Pets To Go Kids Club will meet on Saturday, July 15th.

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