photo-101 Over 15 little ones and their parents joined Angel and Lila to learn about snakes!  A friendly (and nameless) Ball Python has been in the Epstein family for some time and Angel and Lila opened it up to the first ever Kids Club participants to give her a name!  After a close tie between the names ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Queen’ it was decided her name will be Queen Charlotte.

It was an open forum so the eager learners could ask questions throughout the morning as Angel covered everything from what snakes eat, how they smell, their natural environments, and more.  Lila shared snake skins so everyone could pet the four snakes that were on hand as well as what snake skins feel like after shedding.

While some of the little ones took the opportunity after this part of the morning to spend time with the rats and rabbits in the store (decidedly not a part of the snake portion of the morning!) the majority of children gathered for the arts and crafts portion where they created their own take home snakes from colorful beads and crafts.

Who knew learning could be so much fun?  A big thank you again to all of the little ones and their parents for making the launch of the Pets To Go Kids Club a success!  We’re looking forward to our next month’s topic of Rabbits and hope you will be able to join us!

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