photo-185With Turkey Day coming up, we’ve decided November is for the birds– literally!

Our topic for November’s PTG Kids Club is BIRDS!

For one hour, your little ones will learn all about birds: did you know experts suggest that parakeets have the ability to learn to talk mostly from women and children? Or that the chicken is the most common species of bird found in the world? We’ll have hands on opportunities with chicks and show how backyard chickens make great pets– then join us in our arts and crafts project!

The PTG Kids Club is a great way to learn more about a pet you have or research a pet you may want!

Suggested ages: 4-12 years old

If you would kindly RSVP to give us a head’s up on how many kids to expect, it’s helpful, but not necessary– come one, come all!

*The PTG Kids Club meets every first Saturday of the month with topics ranging from dogs and cats to lizards and bettas! Best of all: it’s FREE!*