1380043_10152032853389305_1476822374_nThousands of reptiles and spectators sprawled 100,000 square feet of the Sacramento Convention Center over Saturday and Sunday for the 16th Annual Sacramento Reptile Show.  Reptile fans ranging from kids to adults were able to go hands on with all types of reptiles: from snakes and lizards to tortoises and alligators– even tarantulas!

Queen Charlotte, the Ball Python named by the first Pets To Go Kids Club, greeted visitors at the door as they entered the venue.  From the Venomous Reptile Display (including a King Cobra and Black Mamba!) to Wild Things’ demonstration featuring Izod the 10 foot alligator to Brad’s World Reptiles Educational Exhibit and all of the wholesale vendors in between, there was a little bit of everything for everyone at this show!

The Sacramento Reptile Show has grown to be the largest reptile exhibit in Northern California and is an awesome event for all ages.  If you missed it this year, please make sure you mark your calendars for its return in late September 2014!

And if you’d like to learn more about how to keep a reptile as a pet, please visit a Pets To Go store– we love reptiles and will be happy to help you pick which type of reptile would be best for you!