We have something extra special in store for September’s PTG Kids Club! With the 17th Annual Sacramento Reptile Show coming up (September 27th & 28th at the Sacramento Convention Center!) our theme is a REPTILE EXTRAVAGANZA!

For one hour, your little ones will have hands on experience opportunities and will learn all about the following reptiles: frogs, lizards, tortoises and snakes: what they eat, how to hold them and how to care for them!

It’s a great way to learn more about a pet you have or research a pet you may want! And it’s an excellent sneak peek at just some of the types of reptiles you’ll see at this year’s Sacramento Reptile Show.

**We will also have a SPECIAL OFFER for those who purchase advanced tickets to the Sacramento Reptile Show!**

Suggested ages: 4-12 years old

*The PTG Kids Club meets every first Saturday of the month with topics ranging from dogs and cats to lizards and bettas! Best of all: it’s FREE!*