It’s that time of the month!  Call today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s anesthesia free teeth-cleaning appointment at the Pets To Go East store on Saturday, October 19th.

Pets To Go has teamed up with Animal Dental Care to offer a bi-monthly anesthesia free teeth-cleaning service. Animal Dental Care, in partnership with Dr Angie Stamm, DVM will be on site to perform the procedure. The dental treatment includes full cleaning, ultrasonic scaling and polishing for your dog or cat’s teeth. As the procedure is anesthesia free, and there is no need for pre-anesthesia blood work, the cost is greatly reduced. A second benefit of the anesthesia free procedure is that there is no recovery time for your pet. Your 4-leg companion will leave Pets To Go ready for her next adventure.

For more information, call our Pets To Go East store at 916-686-7387(PETS).